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The golden circle; modeling the brain, etc.

Psychobabble, mambo jumbo? - I don't know, but I found it to be very interesting and well presented: My brain, my universe:

Enough is enough!

" KHL crash darkens hockey’s grim summer " -  Once again, awful, awful news!  How long this is going to continue? - Russian planes crashing, boats capsizing! It's clear to me that the autocratic, top-down approach of the government crackdowns on bureaucracy, corruption and general irresponsibility (all of which are integral parts of the said government), as well as ever tougher laws and regulations are not working. You can not create responsible citizenry (гражданское общество) by a decree! And it does not seem to develop naturally within the social system that puts way too much faith into the government and the political system devoid of any real competition!

New Geopolitics of Food

A few months ago I have listened to a pretty interesting interview with  Lester Brown  (a founder of Earth Policy Institute and a prolific author, among other things) on the NPR program called Fresh Air. Thanks to the awesome powers of our connected world the recording is still available here . Then, I have revisited the subject a couple of days ago when a conversation with a coworker prompted me to look a few things up and I came across an article in Foreign Policy magazine that was probably a precursor to that interview. I am not sure if I agree with all the views and theories expressed, I simply don't know enough about the subject matter to form a solid opinion, but it certainly was educational. Check it out, judge for yourself. 09/06/2011: I kept thinking about the subject of security of World's food supply on and off. Obviously, this is a complex problem that needs a comprehensive solution. Here's a short quotation from aforementioned article by Lester Brown - &