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The Lean Startup

"It builds on many previous management and product development ideas, including lean manufacturing, design thinking, customer development, and agile development. It represents a new approach to creating continuous innovation. It’s called the Lean Startup."Overall, I found "The Lean Startup" to be informative and instructive, but while I picked up on many interesting concepts, such as: build-measure-learn feedback loops, minimum viable products (MVP), different engines of growth, cohort-based metrics, split-test experiments, etc.; many of those concepts weren't new to me at all (I accidentally discovered that I've been using them for some time; obviously, without having any idea that they were associated with or related to the Lean Startup). Nonetheless, reading about something known (or semi-known) often opens new dimensions, exposes different points of view, and helps with bringing things into focus as well as rationalizing and amalgamating thoughts, knowl…

Another great Mexican vacation!

Another relaxing Mexican vacation, this time with the entire family (loved having both kids with us)! Once again we stayed at a pretty good resort Now Sapphire. It's a relatively small, but cozy place with a white sand beach, buffets, a number of themed restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and a few entertainment options. Here are a few shots of the facilities and other assorted pics:

Autumn 2012 at the Great Falls Park

Great time and lots of fun with friends and family - first, at the Normandie Farm for an awesome brunch, then onto a brief walk at the Washington, D.C. Great Falls Park